DXI which was previously known as DEEP and EXTREME Indonesia is the one and only diving, marine and ecotourism expo in Indonesia and the most anticipated event of the year.

DEEP Indonesia was created in 2007 and has become a leading promotion platform for diving, adventure travel and water sports industry in Indonesia. In 2009, in the effort to extend and combine adventure market demand, the first EXTREME Indonesia was introduced and held concurrently with DEEP Indonesia.

This show has been a huge promising market opportunity (and still expanding) and a perfect platform that captures 10 million Jakarta population and another 7 million people residing in the surrounding cities within Jakarta’s proximity.

Diving, marine and ecotourism industry had accelerated the number of divers, adventure travelers and the enthusiasts and has become an industry that is continuously growing.

DXI has received large recognition that strengthens show popularity and continuous supports from Indonesian Ministries of related departments, clubs and associations and both national and international media, thus indicating the importance of the show for the industry and community.

DXI is produced and managed professionally by not only an experience organizer but also a team that is passionately dedicated to the industry and is committed to be part of building a sustainable tourism sector development and environment.